Michael Kelly

C’mon ’21!

Hope you’re staying safe and life is good! I want to say thanks for supporting the music, for being there, for inspiring me and for trekking out to the shows this year: there aren’t really any words big enough to express my gratitude but let me try – THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

A special thanks to all the venues for their support and especially for their flexibility this past year when we had to reschedule so many shows. I am deeply appreciative of the support for local, live music and look forward to seeing and working with you in 2021.

I have a new recording coming out soon. It’s Christmas Eve as I write this and we start final mixing next week at Tom Mindte’s Patuxent Music studio. I recorded Color Factory there and I love working with Tom. Mark, Danny, Rickie, Robbie and Jay are over the moon talented and it’s been a blast working with them.

Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, Peace!