Michael Kelly

The 9 at 49 West

So happy to see a full house the night after Christmas! I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: the 9 is sublime!

Red Shedman’s

Thank you for venturing out on a night with ice, snow, and brrrr in the forecast. Great room, really enjoyed this gig!

Patuxent Music Recording

We are in the final stages of the record. Danny Knicely, Brad Kolodner and Mark Schatz laid down some incredible tracks and I’m very happy to say that Phil Wiggins is coming in to play harmonica on Elmer’s Blues. I’ll keep ya posted!

9 Songwriter Series 49 West

Always love playing the 49 West backroom with the 9, it’s a synergistic sort of thang.

New Deal Cafe

Thanks to everyone at New Deal Cafe for coming out Wednesday. A lot of people were hurting that night. I heard some really nice comments about the music but I want you to know that it works both ways. I needed to do some healing myself and having such a wonderful, receptive audience was the perfect antidote. A very special thanks to Frank Kayser for doing sound! Also, if you got my email I was mistaken about the move. New Deal Cafe is not moving, but rather, Chef Karim is moving, although possibly just around the corner. If you’re a fan of his food like I am, that’s good news! Peace!

Hunter’s Run

Great to be back here in Virginia! Started playing inside the barn but by general consensus we all moved out to the patio where the sunshine was brilliant and we all took in the first truly autumn like Sunday afternoon of the season.

9 at 49 West

Another great evening of music! Special thanks to Rachel Plett for hosting in Justin’s absence and to Sean Hetrick for doing sound!

Linganore Vineyards

Great event! Thanks to everyone for making the drive and hanging out!

Great Frogs Winery

I set up early and sat back and watched for a bit. Before me were 20 or so tables formally set with white tablecloths, flowers and dinnerware … in a field out in the country. It was so cool … well actually it was like 100 degrees, but it was still cool! Then like in something out of an Antonioni movie, all of these people came driving up through the fields and had a party. Great Frogs wine flowed freely, wood oven pizza was served continuously from a food truck and I played and played. Check out Great Frogs Winery when you get a chance.

World Folk Music Association

Thanks to WFMA for having me out to play this wonderful showcase. Great sets by Know1Else and Lilt. Wonderful audience. Hope to come back again!