Michael Kelly

Alexandria Arts Festival

Got to see my old friend Tracy Faust, one of the world’s truly talented sound men. Good food, nice people, good weather, who could ask for anything more! Thanks to all!

Beans in the Belfry

What an awesome place! An old church renovated into a coffee shop; has a nice down home 60’s mountain bluegrass vibe. Met some real nice people too! 

New photo, thanks Lenore!

Many thanks to Lenore Boulet for sharing photos she took at the Takoma Porch Festival.

Takoma Park Porch Festival

Special thanks to Mary Ann Ryan for putting this on, it was a blast! I had a chance to meet some real nice people, and thanks to The Still Point for letting me play on their porch!

Brewer’s Alley

Thanks to everyone at Brewer’s Alley for a great night of music, I love playing this room. I aired out my new song ‘Somedays’ and also performed Cadillac and Color Factory. Christie Lenee (christielenee.com) was the headliner. I’d heard really good things about her and she was awesome. Beautiful person, beautiful music; go see her if you get a chance!

New Deal Cafe

Thanks so much to everyone for making last night such a fun evening. It was a fantastic audience! Caught up with old friends, made some new friends, and had a blast making music with special guest Dave Abe on mandolin and fiddle. I would have jumped down from the stage to dance with everyone on Good Loving at night’s end but as you may have heard, I hurt my toe, and anyways, the nicest thing anyone ever said about my dancing was “Wow, you really go for it.” Peace!

Kahve Coffeehouse

Thanks to all who came out last night to the Kahve Cafe! It was great to meet some new folks and I really appreciate your being there.

Great Music at Brewer’s Alley

I really enjoyed this venue – played my new song ‘Antietam’. Walking around before the show I found a number of framed letters on the wall written by the mayor of Frederick during the Civil War. The Potters put on a great show and the talent at this show was amazin’!