Michael Kelly

SPCA Walk for the Animals

Thanks to Kelly and SPCA for having me out to play again this year!

Milkhouse Brewery

Thanks to Tom and Abby for having me out to play at the farm. Love this venue! Great crowd, festive afternoon out in the country.

New Deal Cafe SAW Open Mic

Got to sit in with good friend Lynn Hollyfield and catch up with old friends at New Deal Cafe. I’ll be playing there in May, stay tuned!

9 Songwriter Series at 49W

Thanks to Justin Trawick for having me back out to play this always fun songwriter series.

Easton Farm Market

You never know what’s gonna happen some days. Setting up to play Saturday and the pickup on my guitar stopped working. I had a spare mic for the guitar but only 1 mic stand. I was getting ready to set up in bluegrass style with a single mic for guitar and vocals when a kind stranger inquired if I needed any help. Special thanks to Ed Klein, a sound man who just happened to be passing by (thank you Lord!) and loaned me a mic stand for the show. His true kindness left me inspired. Thanks to Gary Wright at Garrett Park Guitars for getting my guitar back and running!

Gaithersburg Arts Barn

What an honor to open for the prolific Welsh songwriter Martyn Joseph. The workshop in the afternoon was well attended and very inspirational. Martyn told some great stories and helped illuminate the mysteries of our art. The tremendous staff at the Arts Barn helped make a special evening even better. Thanks to all for attending.

Elk Run

Enjoyed playing here for the first time. Really nice people, thanks to all for coming and ‘wining down’ last Friday!

Hunters Run

Another great afternoon on the patio at Hunters Run Winery. Really nice group of people out enjoying the much deserved warm weather. The night before I played in Mt. Airy and there was still snow on the ground in some of the places that were shaded. Playing music in a tee-shirt the next day was a nice bit of contrast.

Milkhouse Brewery

First time playing here and loved it! Beautiful country. Stood in the parking lot and took it all in for a bit before the show. Space! Don’t get that much anymore. And accessible, just off 70 in Mt. Airy. The brewery is part of the farm. You can taste some beer and sign up to get your vegetables all summer. The owner Tom came in to say hi before heading out to the fields to plant potatoes. Great way to spend a Friday evening!

*** Brewer’s Alley Showcase 3/31 Postponed ***

Just got word that the show is being postponed due to the foot of snow being forecast tomorrow evening. Will reschedule soon as I get the new dates