Michael Kelly

Joe Squared

Always the coolest audience, love playing Joe Squared!

Brewer’s Alley

It was an honor to close out the season at Brewer’s. Rod Deacey played harmonica on my new tune Out Door In and it was a blast! Great sound, good people, and of course, Bob Sima. What a performer! He performed completely unplugged and captivated the room by wandering among the tables and engaging the audience in each of his songs. Always learn something watching him perform. I’ll be back in March, will keep you posted!

Frederick Coffee Co.

Thanks to all for coming to the show on Sunday. It was a pleasure working with John Seay and family. Great sound as always from Todd Walker! Look for me here again Friday, 1/16!

9 Songwriter Series at 49 West

What an honor to share the stage with so many fine songwriters. Great audience, thanks so much for coming out on a Monday!

Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Oyster Fest

Wow, what a day, what a good time! It was profoundly wonderful to play The Boatbuilder within sight of the Rosie Parks. I walked over to the skipjack a couple of times during the breaks and was really taken in by her beauty. She seemed to be straining at the lines, wanting to be out on the Bay on such a gorgeous day. Special thanks to the Roadhouse Clams for sharing the stage with me and to John for great sound.


Homespun Coffeehouse

Thanks so much to all who came out Friday, it was a special night. Lynn Hollyfield was awesome as always, Ali sang sweetly on Who Found Who, and the audience was simply wonderful. Really enjoyed meeting folks during the breaks and seeing some old friends as well. Special thanks to Ern and Lizbeck for trekking all the way from Naptown for the show.

Joe Squared North

Always have a blast playing at Joe Squared! You’ve got to check this place out. Great pizza, good vibes, cool neighborhood hangout.

Beans in the Belfry

Hit all the traffic hot spots on the way out to Brunswick on Friday night then when I do finally get there the road’s blocked off. Turns out they decided to close the streets so the vendors could set up early for the Railroad Days celebration. Then once I found my way past a barricade and started unloading the gear it started raining. But then I look up and I see Mark and Robin trudging down the street in their rain gear. That sure did put a smile on my face. Hanna came down from the office to have dinner with us and some other folks braved the rain and empty streets so we had a small but intimate crowd and a pretty good time. Thanks so much for being there!

9 Songwriter Series at 49 West

It was a really fun night, thanks to all for coming out on a Monday. Great performances by Justin Trawick et al. Special thanks to Jordan Sokel for joining me on harmonica. New good friend Jeni Parris Brady was there covering the show for Naptownmusic, check out the video she posted at: https://www.facebook.com/Naptownmusic. Same time, same place next month!

Brewer’s Alley

Always a pleasure and an interesting experience playing Brewer’s. Real good songs from Davey-O and Savannah, who were down from Buffalo, NY. Rod Deacey played harp on my ‘Country Blues’ and sounded great. Nice wrap up from Tomy Wright. Can’t wait to do it again!