Michael Kelly

Great Frogs Winery

I set up early and sat back and watched for a bit. Before me were 20 or so tables formally set with white tablecloths, flowers and dinnerware … in a field out in the country. It was so cool … well actually it was like 100 degrees, but it was still cool! Then like in something out of an Antonioni movie, all of these people came driving up through the fields and had a party. Great Frogs wine flowed freely, wood oven pizza was served continuously from a food truck and I played and played. Check out Great Frogs Winery when you get a chance.

World Folk Music Association

Thanks to WFMA for having me out to play this wonderful showcase. Great sets by Know1Else and Lilt. Wonderful audience. Hope to come back again!

9 Songwriters at 49 West

Thanks to everyone for coming out! It was a great night. It’s a synergistic concept, the 9, brings the best out of everyone.

Brewer’s Alley

Playing in the Green Room! Wonderful show in the ol’ historic building once again. Frederick just has it down, from grass roots support for artists to putting on a great show month after month.

Common Ground on the Hill

Another memorable music experience, what a great week!

Hunter’s Run

Sunshine, an afternoon on the deck, in the country, in a vineyard. Did I mention the bluebirds flying around? Great place to spend an afternoon.


Walk for the Animals

Arf, arf!

2nd Monday Songwriter Showcase at 49 West

One of the finest listening rooms anywhere, always such a treat to play here. Thanks to Angie Miller for having me out to play and for her support of local music and songwriters. Had a great time hanging out with fellow songwriters Mike Heuer, Jesse Marie, and of course, Angie. Wonderful audience, thanks so much for being there!

Frederick Coffee Company

I always enjoy playing at the Frederick Coffee Company: friendly staff, great audience, and a great room for playing music. Thanks to all for coming out to support the music, I had a great time!

Hunter’s Run

Thanks to everyone for coming out. Special thanks to Geri for having the canopy and umbrellas set up so I could play right through the sporadic showers. Special thanks to Frank Kayser for coming out and setting up the sound. Frank had two shows that day, I’m grateful he was able to make it out. All in all it was a beautiful, relaxing afternoon out on the deck!